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Here league commissioners may exercise their power by giving publicity to players of noteworthy achievements.

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Katsumi(f) from Nurgle's Rot: Season 3 Inductee (Ballot)
Katsumi - Dark Elf Lineman/Nurgle Rotter - Insidious/Nurgle's Rot
Decay, Nurgle's Rot, Sure Hands, +1 Ag, -1 Av

Career Stats:
Games Played: 25
Completions: 13
Casualties: 1

Total SPPs (All time): 20 (19 current)

Amazingly, after Katsumi was killed and infected with the Nurgle Rot, she retained her agility and ball handling skills. She earns a spot in the Hall of Fame for being the best "re-animated" player in the league.

Katsumi died on the opening day of Season 4
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Posted Tue Aug 14 2012
Choppa Bastich from Da Dirty GitZ: Season 3 Inductee
Choppa is just MONEY every time he steps onto the pitch. He always capitalizes on GOLDEN opportunities. He even COINed the term "I choppa yer head off." Uh... BRIBE. *cough* player picture

Posted Sun Jul 29 2012
Aearian from The Last Laugh: Season 3 Inductee
Games played: 24, plus season 1 games not recorded
TDs: 62
Completions: 19
Casualties: 6 (2 kills)

Total SPPs (All time): 276

Notables: 2 BBLOC cups (Seasons 2 and 3), Jordell Freshbreeze Award (Seasons 2 and 3), Morg N Thorg, Most effective player (Season 2)

While not retired, it's pretty hard to argue against putting the best player the BBLOC has ever seen into the hall of fame.
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Posted Sun Jul 29 2012