Blood Blowl League of Calgary feed Blood bowl league RSS feed en-EN Wed, 21 Feb 2018 09:51:49 -0700 OBBLM 0.91 Match: Snatch (3) vs. Buzzed (4) BUZZED WINS SEASON 11 ! 2016-12-15 17:55:43 Match: Styx River Shamblers (1) vs. Buzzed (1) Styx River Shamblers vs Buzzed Classic match up between the Undead and the Wood Elves The first half the undead opt to kick and the wood elves take an expected early lead. The undead take time to grind down the pitch. An unexpected hit by the treeman against a zombie taking both players down and injuring the zombie and KO'ing the treeman. Undead continue to punish killing 2 elves in 4 turns. But the woodies are able to pull off some spectacular shows of agility rovering the ball and stopping the undead from scoring. The game is 1-0 at the half for the wood elves. Second half sees the massively depleted woodies still fighting for ball control, but are unable to stop the undead from scoring on turn 6, killing a wardancer in the final push to the endzone. The buzzed medical staff are unable to recover the wardancer who stays dead. In the final plays, the woodies are able to get within scoring threat, but are out numbers and the ball is recovered in the dieing seconds by the undead. With a Wight down feild in scoring range, the Elf thrower blitzs the wight and knocks him down closing the scoring window on the undead. 1-1 But the Buzzed team is in rough shape in the final push to the playoffs. 2016-11-30 20:57:19 Match: Chum Bucket (1) vs. Styx River Shamblers (3) dust Up in the sand dunes of the Khemri! Undead vs Necro grudge match from AWC Despite the 380 TV difference the Styx River Shamblers took an early lead when the ball carrier ghoul failed a pick up deep in the backfeild. A pit trap took the ghoul down and the Shamblers score a defensive td on turn two. Two turns later, similar story, but a fireball knocks over the ball carrying werewolf and the ghoul and werewolf assitances for the semi cage. Styx river Shamblers up by two half way through the first half. In a stunning end to end play the Chum bucket are able to score heading into the second half down 2-1 and with 1 player deficit. styx River recieves the kick, but fail to pick up in deep in their zone. despite the faster were wolves the Chum Bucket was only able to pressure the situation, but not the players or the ball. Styx river form a wide screen and collect the ball and hover in the center. The casualties started piling up on both sides. in the final turns of the game with the SRS ghoul ball carrier being the fasted peice on the pitch is able to non-chantantly walk in on turn 16. In the last two turns chum bucket were able to remove 4 players to the KO bin or injury bin but it was to late. 2016-11-14 20:28:01 Match: Styx River Shamblers (2) vs. Somekind of Lizards (1) Wellness Center Rumble. Styx River Shamblers vs Some kind of Lizards. The Lizards traveled to the lands for round 2 action in the Tour of the Old World. Despite a rocky start by the Styx River Shamblers, the undead were able to recover and end the half 1-0 with a few lizards out in the process. The Lizards bounce back sending two zombies to the KO bin, where they would remain for the remainder of the match. Merc Mummy started off the second half injuring a Saurus. Styx river see an opportunity to deal with the Kroxigor Big Bad Brad with a crowd surf, leaving a small hole for the lizards to push through and half cage up within scoring range. Despite the Shambelrs being able to knock the ball loose, the lizards are able to score on turn 2. The KO bin stays full on both teams and the styx River Shamblers send 2 more lizards to the injury bin. With a two player advantage the undead are able to grind down and score the game winning goal on turn 16. Great Match on both sides. 2016-10-13 22:11:03 Match: ZBA (0) vs. League of Super Evil (3) The League of Super Evil crushes the ZBA 3-0 in round 1 Tour of the Old World. The League of Super Evil got into the spirit of Valhala in front of 30,000 fans trying to send 7 members of ZBA to valhala but the ZBA was denied entry due to the regeneration of the team. 2016-10-06 21:27:39 Match: Desserts of a Tasty Nature (2) vs. Bad Trees (2) Big Day in the Jungle! Rookie upstarts the Bad Trees answered the sire call of the Symian power struggle. There must only be one, facing off against Desserts of a Tasty Nature! Bad trees bring along King Bombastic and Morg N Thorg to have an old fashioned beat down in the jungle. Morg N Thorg is killed in his second outting against the DOATN. Apparently banana peels all over the feild caught the Super star unaware and slipped and killed him. 2016-09-27 21:09:18 Match: Desserts of a Tasty Nature (0) vs. Buzzed (2) Buzzed continue to dominate in the Open League. 7 game win streak and only 1 loss in the rookie cup. The Symians (DOATN) are 0 - 2 against the Wood Elves. Today's match only added to the Win column for Buzzed in a 2-0 win over the Symians. 2016-09-25 18:53:07 Match: Desserts of a Tasty Nature (2) vs. Dirty Bastiches (1) Desserts of a tasty Nature Make History! The Dirty Bastiches make their BBLOC debut in the jungle. But as no surprise, the new team vs developed team the appearance fee was large, but the Goblins broke out the contract and signed on the heavy hitters bottom line. Morg N Thorg Fungus the Loon Always crowd favourites! The Symians must have been unaware of the hype on Morg, because Rainbow Sprinkles saw the big Ogre and Killed him! Morg's death shocked the crowd and even in death he is still viewed as the MVP on the Dirty Bastiches team. Symians close the deal with a 2-1 victory in mid day action. 2016-09-25 16:16:10 Match: Death Tower Warhounds (0) vs. Buzzed (3) Elves score a bunch, Chaos kills a bunch. But the elf stuff happened before the chaos stuff,so the elves win 3-0 but pay with the deaths of a Line Elf and a Catcher who was fouled to death by the rentabeastman Beast the Beastman. 2016-09-20 20:42:37 Team news by Death Tower Warhounds The Death Tower Warhounds would like to publically appologize for the lack of more cow bell from the teams Minotaur Eratic Stomp. 2016-09-19 18:10:42 Match: Desserts of a Tasty Nature (1) vs. Death Tower Warhounds (0) The beat down from the Symian and Chaos followed by the sun beating down kept the players on the pitch greatly reduced. Despite the effort of a halfling chef, a wizard, a wandering apo and some team training, the DOATN were able to hold the Warhounds at bay, winning 1-0 2016-09-18 15:51:41 Match: Desserts of a Tasty Nature (1) vs. Buzzed (3) Buzzed takes it to the Symians 3-1 in a mid day dustup. Rainbow Sprinkle, Silverback was the fan favourite with 3 Casualties and the MVP for the Symians showing off the newest skill multiblock 2016-09-11 18:57:14 Match: Black Orc Rising (0) vs. Styx River Shamblers (2) Bloody match in round 7 of AWC action. Total casualties for the match was 8! With a dead zombie, AG busted Orc Thrower, Niggling Injury on an Orc Blitzer, MNG Orc Blitzer but the Undead win 2-0 2016-09-11 15:11:10 Match: W.E.F (3) vs. Buzzed (4) Big Match on the pitches as the Elves play the game they know. 7 TD's and 5 completions! Buzzed's superior speed was the factor as the Wood Elves win 4-3 2016-09-11 14:59:25 Match: Styx River Shamblers (1) vs. Tennesse Voluntears (2) Dirty Match indeed! 3 ejected players for fouling downed players. The elves had to much skill for the shamblers to overcome and take the win 2-1 2016-09-09 22:05:31 Match: Rotter Pharoah Moans (1) vs. Tennesse Voluntears (3) The Tennesse Voulntears take the Khemri to scoring class 3-1 but the Khemri beat down squad took 2 pounds of elves flesh to pay the ferry man. 2016-09-09 17:14:09 Match: Black Orc Rising (2) vs. Tennesse Voluntears (3) The Orcs bring along a halfling buffet and a babe but it wasn't enough to upset the Pro Elf squad. Elf win 3-2 2016-09-05 20:29:34 Match: Black Orc Rising (0) vs. Dark crystal (3) The Dark crystal continue their push to repeat. Deadly match with a death on both teams. More BLOOD Bowl!! 2016-08-31 23:41:40 Match: Styx River Shamblers (2) vs. Snatch (1) Round 2 Dust up between Styx River Shamblers and Snatch. The hitting power of the undead vs the speed and agility of the skaven. The first half saw the undead do what they do and shamble towards the goal, causing rat after rat to leave the pitch for the KO bin or the Injury bin. The rats set up for a two turn score, but the new skaven thrower fails to recover the ball. Undead are up 1-0 at the half. Rats receive in the second half but are still down two players. Snatch scores on turn 10, leaving the Styx river Shamblers 6 turns to grind up the pitch. The Rat Ogre filled with tentacles managed to stick close to the ball handler ghoul, but with some clever blocking the ghoul was able to escape certain doom. In the dying seconds of the match it looked like the match would end in a tie. Styx River Shamblers create some static, causing a chain push to allow the lone wight to make it into scoring distance. Hand off to the wight and the wight pushes to the top of speed of it's rotten legs winning the match in the final play. 2016-08-18 21:41:27 Match: Dark crystal (2) vs. Styx River Shamblers (0) Auld World Cup Action! Dark Crystal dominate the Shambelrs in a 2-0 victory. In the dying seconds of the match, Splatterpus the Witch elf sends Facetaster the Ghoul into the deadly arms of the Dark Crystal Fans killing him. 2016-08-16 21:48:29