Styx River Shamblers

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Styx River Shamblers roster 

1Foul Time
player avatarZombie
2Rank Smell
player avatarZombie
7Amazon, the Fallen
player avatarZombie
4328Regeneration, Block00021960k
8Skaven, the Maimed
player avatarZombie
4328Regeneration, Dirty Player000221460k
9Wood Elf the Fragile
player avatarZombie
player avatarGhoul
player avatarGhoul
7337Dodge, Wrestle, Strip Ball1304018110k
player avatarGhoul
7337Dodge, Block, Sure Hands, Side Step21100035130k
29Skin Flayer
player avatarGhoul
7337Dodge, Block, Side Step0400117110k
36Riger Mortis
player avatarWight
6338Block, Regeneration, Guard, Tackle, Mighty Blow0206438150k
player avatarWight
6338Block, Regeneration, Tackle, Frenzy, Mighty Blow0206543150k
65Himtras the Undying
player avatarSkeleton
5327Regeneration, Thick Skull, Kick00021960k
80Tor'Kel Khan, Drinker of Souls
player avatarMummy
3519Mighty Blow, Regeneration, Guard, Stand Firm, Grab, Break Tackle00018351200k
85Philaphus the Decapitator
player avatarMummy
3519Mighty Blow, Regeneration, Guard, Stand Firm, Grab1 Ni00016347180k

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Coach Lair
Race Undead
League BBLOC
Ready Yes
TV 1700k
Treasury 610k
Necromancer Yes
Rerolls 3
Fan Factor 7
Ass. Coaches 1
Cheerleaders 1

Played 24
WIN% 52.1%
ELO 218.49
W/L/D 11/10/3
W/L/D Streaks 4/3/2
Won tours 0
Latest tour Open Season
Tours played Rookie Cup, Auld World Cup, Tour of the Old World Cup, Open Season
Prizes None